Friday Chicken #5

Let’s do this.

Old Missions

Survived AND have been doing pretty darn well on Health Month, in spite of the hard. Yay!

The Hard

Well, for starters, you may have noticed I missed last week’s chicken. Things have been very hard around here lately.

For starters, I have a Mysterious Illness and my doctor is being a dick instead of helping me figure out what the deal is. He’s been my Ob-Gyn for eight years and I always joke about how his bedside manner sucks but he’s a great doc, and he has lost the great doc part of that sentence. The short version is that I have abdominal pain which is probably an infection in/around my reproductive organs, and have since the beginning of the month, but he still doesn’t have a formal diagnosis for me. I’m on antibiotics because it’s probably an infection and it’s good to get on antibiotics asap with those, but we still don’t know for sure what is up. GAH.

I’ve scheduled consults with a couple other Ob-Gyns, for second opinions, and we’ll see how that goes. BAH.

Oh, and did I mention that one of the meds interacts very very badly with alcohol, so I can’t even have the occasional beer to unwind?

This is all on top of transitioning to a new position at work, which is stressful on its own; but this new gig is way more detail-oriented than my old one and I have a ton to learn. This is not a good time for me to be feeling ill and exhausted. But I am. So. Yeah. Hard.

The GoodZephyr and me

I have awesome friends! Friends who let me rant at them about stuff and say nice things to me and cook me nice dinners when I am too tired to feel up to it myself. You guys are the best!

Zephyr is doing really well. He’s adjusted to being an only cat, has lost the weight the vet was worried about, and spends as much time as I’ll let him on my lap purring like a motorboat. So sweet.

New Missions

Survive the next week.

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