Friday Chicken #6

Let’s do this.

Man, things have been NUTS. However, I have persevered!

Old Missions

I continue to survive. Go me! I’m even keeping up on Health Month!

The Hard

It looks like my Mystery Illness was indeed Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, from an unknown source (tests for the usual culprits came back negative). It seems to be cleared up, though.

I have officially given up on my old Ob-Gyn. Which sucks, but c’mon. He was being a tool and I deserve a doctor who isn’t a tool.

My new position continues to be difficult and stressful as I struggle up the learning curve.

The Good

My new Ob-Gyn! She’s in the same network as my GP, so they share my file. Rawk. She’s really friendly, and gives really good explanations. Yay!

My new gig! Lots of awesome people here, and I’m finally moved into my new cube, so I sit closer to everyone.

I’m finally tackling the last of my unpacking, too, and it’s turning me into a devoted declutterer. Having to ask myself whether a given item is worth the hassle of finding a place for is making it WAY easier to get rid of things.

OMG NaNoWriMo is starting! WOO! I’m behind on planning, but at least I HAVE a plan. And, as I wrote about over at The Book Roadie, I’m running my region’s book drive to support NaNoWriMo. Sweet. If you have any books you don’t need anymore, lemme have ’em! :D

New Missions

Finish my prep work for NaNo.

Keep up with Health Month!

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