Things That Rock

All the posts ideas I’ve had lately have been either rants or whiny, and I do enough ranting and whining offline for three people, so FUCK THAT. Here instead is a list of things that rock! Let’s see how many I can think of right now.

  1. Being in love.
  2. When a cat sits on you and purrs and his eyes kinda go all squinty cos he’s almost asleep.
  3. When cats are silly/scary.
  4. Hell, just cats in general.
  5. Gardens.
  6. Working from home.
  7. Books!
  8. Bookbinding!
  9. All the awesome shit I can do with my TiVo even though I don’t have cable anymore. That might be a post in itself right there.
  10. Dishwashers (cos washing dishes by hand is a drag).
  11. Reading.
  12. Living in the future (we don’t have jetpacks, but holy shit my new bike is CRAZY)
  13. Speaking of which: my new bike.
  14. Lifting weights.
  15. Using power tools.
  16. French press coffee.
  17. That I was able to buy a 2Tb external harddrive for just over $100. (Like I said. WE LIVE IN THE FUTURE WUT)
  18. Quality booze.
  19. The San Francisco Center for the Book.
  20. The people who teach at the SFCB.
  21. Powell’s City of Books!
  22. Drinking coffee in the Powell’s coffee shop and reading books one has just bought while peoplewatching out the huge windows.
  23. Having ducklings living near my apartment.
  24. Getting in the flow with Adobe Illustrator and feeling like I actually know what I’m doing.
  25. WordPress!
  26. Playing video games on my enormous TV (especially playing ancient 8-bit Nintendo games on it, hee).
  27. Sleep.
  28. Sleeping in! (looking forward to doing that this weekend)
  29. Long weekends!
  30. Beautiful art.

There. Thirty seems like a good round number. Not bad.

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