Google Plus… and minus

So, I’m on Google+ now.

But I read this post (NSFW ads) and this one, which point out that the Google+ TOS is pretty draconian about nudity/NSFWitude, and that a violation of that TOS can result in your entire Google account getting nuked from orbit.

For example, say you post a link to a NSFW site. Someone flags your post, and you get slammed for violating the TOS (which forbids linking to porn but doesn’t seem to define porn clearly). All at once, you lose: your Gmail archives and contacts list, all your Google Docs files, and potentially access to sites where you use your Google login, like Blogger, Picasa, and YouTube.

While I can see why Google has the TOS they do (they’re mostly trying to cover their own ass), it has potentially far-reaching consequences. Hopefully that will change before Google+ goes public. I guess we’ll see. In the meantime, I won’t be using Google+ a whole lot, just to be safe.

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