Well! I’ve been sufficiently busy that updating my blog fell off the bottom of my priority list, as did a lot of things.

For October, I want to make space in my life for those things. I’ve let my schedule get too hectic, and found myself unable to keep up. I moved at the end of August, and am still not done unpacking.

Since the dark half of the year is a time when nature is withdrawing, culling things whose time has come, and preparing to sprout new growth in the spring, I’m going to try playing with that in my own life and scheduling.

So! I hereby declare October to be a Simple Month (inspired by Erin over at Uncluterer). I’m not hardcore enough to make it SUPER simple, like Erin does, but I’m going to pull back, and work on gaining some clarity about my priorities.

My priorities for October are:

  1. Finish unpacking
  2. Make a simple morning routine that includes spiritual practice and exercise, and stick to it
  3. Get enough sleep

As it stands, I have very few weekend commitments in October, and I aim to keep it that way. I’m having an open house / housewarming near the end of the month, but it will be a VERY low-key affair.

Of course, I’ll still have work (both my dayjob and The Book Roadie), and Aikido. But beyond that? Bupkis. I’m going to get a lot of practice saying “no.”

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