So, moving while having a chronic illness that saps my energy AND having a dayjob is a pain in the ass.

It’s like I was juggling a few tennis balls and someone tossed a chainsaw into the mix. Some of those balls are gonna be dropped. It’s inevitable.

So, no more movie reviews til after we’re settled in. No Aikido (though I’m not really in any shape to be doing it anyway; at least now I don’t feel guilty for not going). No video games, or at least almost none. I gave up on planning a going-away gettogether because the thought of having one more big thing to do made me want to break out in hives.

Unfortunately, I’m also dropping balls that are important and useful. Yoga. Walks. Getting enough sleep.

The one thing that I’m managing to keep sacrosanct is my weekly Day of Rest (a day where I only do things that are peaceful and restorative, like reading and knitting). On some level I can tell that if I drop that ball, I won’t be able to handle the chainsaw any better. In fact, I’d probably lose my rhythm altogether and catch the chainsaw by the wrong end.

With my head.

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