Moving is Very Educational

I’m learning all kinds of things.

Like, how much is this flower pot really worth to me? Or, more importantly, how much is not having to figure out how to get it to Portland worth to me? This turns out to be a complex equation. I just negotiated with a complete stranger and cut a deal whereby she is taking pretty much my entire container garden for a surprisingly low amount. Why? Because she’s willing to take the whole damn thing, and thus I don’t have to figure out how to get any of it to Portland OR relist it on Craigslist. Also she charmed me by spotting that we both have the same “oh, there’s some space… let’s put a plant there!” tendency. Plus she knew what crocosmia were, so I know my plants will be in good hands.

I’m learning that I have an irrational attachment to some possessions (a toy camel from when I was little) and not others (wind-up leiderhosen from… I have no idea). Further, I have decided that this is okay and I am not going to guilt myself about it. If I want to keep something, I am keeping it. There’s going to be PLENTY of room in our POD.

I learned that having a yard sale is actually pretty fun and not a total waste of time/energy when you firmly decide not to stress about it AND you also do it with a pal. I basically made over $100 by sitting around all day chatting with one of my oldest friends.

Moving is educational!

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