15 Days of Favorite Things: Day Twelve

10 Favorite Places

Ooh, good times. Tricky to narrow it down.

  1. Disneyland – No, really. My fam went there every year when I was little, and as a result the whole place is just magical to me. LOVE. IT.
  2. Powell’s City of Books
  3. My workbench – Or it was, before the move. I haven’t gotten the new one set up. I’m sure it’ll be one of my favorite places soon enough, though.
  4. Bed – Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
  5. The Portland Japanese Garden – It’s truly amazing.
  6. Aiki Zenshin Dojo – it was practically my second home in high school, and I miss that sometimes.
  7. The couch at home – Site of movie and tv marathons, video game nights, you name it. Hard not to have a nice time surrounded by my books and having fun with people I like.
  8. Any decent yarn shop
  9. Any decent book shop
  10. On a hike among the redwoods
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