30 Days of Lists: Catchup!

I registered for 30 Days of Lists and then promptly forgot about it! Whoops! So today is catchup day. :)

I originally planned on doing fancy, illuminated lists (kinda like Dianne Sylvan is doing), but that is so not happening. Not if I want to actually do the lists, anyway. So let’s move forward with text lists!

List 1: Ways to Add Magic to my Life

  • Wearing awesome socks
  • Drinking fancy teas – especially blooming teas!
  • Making space for magic – decluttering
  • Get a Tiny Relics shrine
  • Make more shrines of my own

List 2: How I Would Describe Myself to a Penpal

  • My hair is almost always dyed green.
  • I wear a lot of geeky tshirts.
  • I have several chronic illnesses and am still learning to live a full life within the limitations they set.
  • I have three tattoos, two about 6″ across and one that curls all the way up my right leg.

List 3: My Ideal Day

OK, I mostly have a “how weekdays would look if only…” list. I guess I’m practical?

  • Get up around 8.
  • Daily spiritual and writing practices + breakfast
  • Bookbinding!
  • Lunch outside if the weather is nice. Read a book.
  • Bookbinding biz paperwork stuff (accounting, website/marketing, etc)
  • Go for a walk, either in my neighborhood or out in the city somewhere (Japanese Garden! Chinese Garden! Rose Garden!… I sense a theme)
  • Chillaxing time (video games, reading, play with cats, whatever)
  • Dinner with my sweetie
  • Relaxing time (yoga? chamomile tea? coloring and listening to podcasts? whatevs)
  • Bed around 11.

The “a single ideal day” is a lot more difficult for me because I want to Do All The Things ™, so… yeah.

Woo! Now I’m caught up.

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