30 Days of Lists: Day 6! Projects I’m in the Middle Of

Bahahahaha oh man. So many. So, so many. Let’s number this list to see how scary it is.

  1. Knitting a [redacted because he reads this blog] for my Dad. Almost done! GAH!
  2. Knitting a temperature scarf for 2013.
  3. Unpacking from the move.
  4. Ongoing: Binding books for The Book Roadie.
  5. Ongoing: Finding craft fairs to vend at for The Book Roadie.
  6. Shelving my books. I basically finished, except for a stack of graphic novels which needs to be double-checked so I’m sure it’s in my LibraryThing database.
  7. My 2013 taxes. Prepping to meet with my shiny new CPA next week. Yikes.
  8. Re-dying my hair green. Did the roots last night, doing the green this afternoon.
  9. Researching book-related deities.
  10. Paying off my credit cards.
  11. Registering The Book Roadie as a business in Oregon.
  12. Ongoing: Reading the books in my To Read bookcase. Someday, someday I will be down to just a little stack of unread books again. Someday.
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