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Awwwww, yeah.

I’m finally getting comped for my tickets when I write movie reviews! The guy who runs has hired me on a freelance basis to write movie reviews for him. Check it out! The League of Extraordinary GentlemenPirates of the … Continue reading


Arrr! Avast ye, mateys!

Yo ho, yo ho! A pirate’s life for me! At least if it includes the kind of adventure in “Pirates of the Caribbean,” which totally kicked butt. It ruled. The dialog was cheesy, there were a bunch of cool references … Continue reading


Adapting to Adaptations

I’ve been thinking a bit lately about movies that are adaptations of books. For example, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen opens tomorrow, and it’s based on a series of comic books, which I’ve read. (Thanks, Mitch!) Now, there was a … Continue reading

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My mom’s (and by extension my own) copy of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix finally arrived yesterday. FINALLY. That’s what we get for having scruples and refusing to by the US editions! Mom’s reading it now and … Continue reading

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PromoGuy’s Monday Mission 3.27

This week’s Monday Mission.

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The glass is half…

[The scene: a party, late in the night. Everyone is playing Catchphrase, a verbal version of charades.] Phraseholder: It’s something a flower does.Everyone [simultaneously]: Bloom! Grow! Attract bees!Ealasaid [eagerly, at same time]: Wilt!Everyone: [stares in surprise]Ealasaid: What? I swear, I … Continue reading


Independence Day

Happy 4th, everyone! I spent the afternoon painting the faces of everyone from toddlers to middle-aged guys at the Serra Street Faire here in Milpitas. Yeesh! Ran into a bunch of middle-schoolers I’d had in classes I subbed for, which … Continue reading

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Friday Five

This week’s Friday Five.

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Fireworks and Fripperies

So… tomorrow is the Fourth of July Serra Street Fair here in Milpitas. I’ll be painting the faces of small children to draw people to the Learning Center‘s booth. Wheee. I’m gathering small images to practice painting. So far, I’m … Continue reading



There are numerous benefits to trawling the archives of; an increase in one’s tendency to construct dense prose, added vocabulary, heightened sexual appeal to the appropriate gender, and genuine amusement are only a few. The one that springs to … Continue reading

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